The Newest Trend in Pain Relief

Here in America, the richest country in the world, we’re supposed to have the best healthcare in the world too, right? Sadly, many Americans are paying more than ever for their healthcare, while their level of care plummets. Doctors spend more time than ever on paperwork, and everyone loses. Study after study is now exposing what the major companies hoped we´d never find out: chronic inflammation. So this said low

Another similar yet amazing story

It has only passed a few days since we shared a story of one of our readers, yet we have already received a great punch of other encouraging stories. Among others, we have received a very similar “curing oil” story from Matthew, who was suffering from chronic arthritis, which was making his long workdays barely untolerable. Just until he ordered his first bottle of cbd oil.. He is encouraging all

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It is time to share and what a better way to share something that our followers share with us. We love to hear that our blog tips come in hand and sometimes even more than we think. She writes: “My life has just changed. I did not believe it. Our life is in our own hands. Please, never think it is too late. Don´t suffer and just keep trying. I

Football and fries aka Why McDonalds sponsors sports

McDonald’s is a prominent sponsor of high-profile sports events, so it seems reasonable to assume it is doing so to make sports fans remember the brand. Not so, according to the head of the global fast food giant’s UK and Northern Europe division. “One thing we are not seeking is brand awareness,” says McDonald’s chief for Northern Europe, and the man widely credited with revitalising the firm’s menus and restaurants.


(including a tip how to obtain your very own free plane ticket) Keep reading to see how to detox while traveling! Here are 3 good tips to help you feel better while travelling and something for those who would desperately love to travel now (are you one of them who would love to get a free ticket now?) 1. Get to the airport early You should always get to the

Why should you drink less water at night or before sleeping?

There are several benefits of drinking water and an average adult should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Drinking inadequate water shall make one fall sick as there are several purposes that are being served by drinking the right quantity of water: it regulates the body temperature, helps in the metabolic process, flushes out toxins, and performs several other important functions. Water benefits the most as far as your stomach

What Makes Dark Chocolate a SuperFood?

Yes, there’s the taste … the creamy melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. But when it comes to health, the benefits of dark chocolate are all about the polyphenols. Who first thought to smash a yellow, hard-shelled cocoa pod, scoop out the cocoa beans meshed in the pulpy inside, and turn them into one of nature’s most delicious and versatile foods? No one knows, but we can only be grateful. Here are some chocolate facts you may not


Guys, tomorrow is a big day in the world of superfoods! Superfood Snacks officially hits the shelves of bookstores nationwide, and I am absolutely chomping at the bit (or on a goji energy bar, but hey) to get this book out into the world! In the meantime, I wanted to address a subject that has been brought up more times than I can count: What’s the best time to drink a smoothie? Well, a great

I love Milka! giftbox

You will give the tastiest and most original gift with this I love Milka chocolate box! Is there a birthday party coming anytime soon and do you still have no idea what present to buy? Or any other celebration? Or you would like to surprise yourself? Why not! Then this chocolate giftbox is exactly what you are looking for! The chocolates are filled with a delicious hazelnut-nougat cream stuffing that