Football and fries aka Why McDonalds sponsors sports

McDonald’s is a prominent sponsor of high-profile sports events, so it seems reasonable to assume it is doing so to make sports fans remember the brand.

Not so, according to the head of the global fast food giant’s UK and Northern Europe division.

“One thing we are not seeking is brand awareness,” says McDonald’s chief for Northern Europe, and the man widely credited with revitalising the firm’s menus and restaurants. Nor is the US-based giant looking to increase revenues as a result of its backing of World Cup, which dates back to 1994.

They don’t sell much as a result of [sport] sponsorship,and The World Cup actually costs them sales. During the World Cup restaurants actually have 5% to 6% less sales when games are taking place and people head home to watch it on television.

Saying that, most of their staff love football and most of their customers love football, so there is a very ‘sweet spot’ there, it is a glue that holds them all together.

It generates enthusiasm within the business and McDonald´s has loved it for years! There is so much happening during the Footy season, special this years World Cup so better keep your eyes open to spot some super deals available. Have you seen the special McFlurry? Or tasted other limited goodies? Better head to the restaurant and grab your very special voucher and treat yourself right now.

McDonald´s loves all football fans! FOOTBALL = MCDEAL

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