The Newest Trend in Pain Relief

Here in America, the richest country in the world, we’re supposed to have the best healthcare in the world too, right? Sadly, many Americans are paying more than ever for their healthcare, while their level of care plummets. Doctors spend more time than ever on paperwork, and everyone loses.

Study after study is now exposing what the major companies hoped we´d never find out: chronic inflammation. So this said low energy, forgetfulness, anxiety, or aches and pains that won´t go away are not the normal conditions of aging. These are the conditions of chronic inflammation in body and brain.

Anti-inflammatory drugs only target some of the inflammatory pathways in the body, so while they can bring targeted relief, they don’t solve the problem at its root. 65% of people who regularly take these sorts of medications for six months or longer develop inflammation in their intestines, which can quickly lead to arthritis in any and every joint in your body.

“One of the things that strikes me whenever I’m in a room with a group of inflammatory disease sufferers is how much of their conversation deals not with their diseases, but with managing the side effects of their medications.” – Dr. Floyd Chilton

Is there a solution?

The newest trend is called CBD Gummies. Similar to CBD oils, CBD gummies are edibles that are packed with CBD goodness. They are 100% all-natural, and do not contain any THC. This means that they are legal in all 50 states.

Unlike CBD oil on it is own, gummies are faster-acting. When you eat a gummy, the CBD and other active compounds are absorbed straight into cells through the digestive system – quick, easy, and highly efficient. And the best part of course is the fact that they actually taste good and can be consumed at all times.

The CBD acts directly on organism to improve mood, relieve pain, help boost appetite, improve digestion, increase memory, give you better motor control, and regulate sleep patterns. By regulating certain functions in the body, CBD will actively help organism be less stressed both physically and mentally. In addition to this, these compounds also promote neural health and maintain the links between neurons in perfect working condition. Focus, immune system strength, cardiovascular health, and many more benefits are derived from the direct action of CBD in the body.

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